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Hire Us to Draft a Legal Document (Attorneys)

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Let Altiorem Legal Services provide you with the legal research and drafting you need, as well as other professional paralegal services!

Do you have staff out of the office? Are you a solo attorney who needs a little extra help? Do you need to catch up on work? Let Altiorem Legal Services help you today! Our highly trained staff of professional paralegals offer exceptional and timely work. We strive for excellence in every project that we work on. We will look at every aspect of your case to make sure your legal documents are prepared correctly and within the timeframe you choose. Call us today for a quote!

Use us for your staffing needs!

Hiring office personnel can be stressful and can take a long time. Altiorem Legal Services can provide you with the work you need without the stress of hiring and onboarding a new employee. Reducing turnover and costs in your office are just two great benefits from using Altiorem Legal Services. Let Altiorem Legal Services do the repetitive and mundane tasks for you. We want you to have extra time to be with your clients or in the courtroom.

Our team of professional paralegals are comfortable working with software such as Microsoft Office, Casetext, Westlaw, Lexis Advance, Google Docs, and Clio, among many other software platforms. Whether it is researching relevant caselaw, creating a memorandum that outlines important factors of a case, or going through potential evidence, our team will provide you the assistance you need.

We are here to support you.

Wide Variety of Jobs!

Do you have an appeal due soon? Altiorem Legal Services can research caselaw for you!

Running out of time on a court deadline? Our fast and efficient work will get you what you need to file on time!

Need help sifting through information from a file? Receiving a huge file from the court or another attorney can take time to sort through. When you do not have that extra time, let our team of professional paralegals do the work for you! We will create a precise memorandum that will give you the information that you need to know. Call us today for a quote!

Does your website need a boost? Most clients find their attorney’s through a Google search. Our paralegals can create informational articles or information about your firm for your website. We can create blog and informational articles that are tailored to your firm. The paralegals at Altiorem Legal Services are comfortable researching the statutes in any state in the United States. We will provide accurate and informative articles that will make your website informative and concise, so your clients get all the information they may need.

Comfort and Confidence!

Our team of professional paralegals at Altiorem Legal Services are comfortable working with many areas of the law. We have experience working with a wide variety of cases, including personal injury cases, criminal cases, family law cases, contracts, business law cases, and more.

Researching caselaw; drafting pleadings; drafting motions, memorandums, replies, and other court legal documents; drafting contracts; looking through a court file to figure out where a case is at; drafting demand letters; or even transcribing audio/video are just some of the jobs we can provide for you. We complete a wide variety of work at an affordable cost with a fast turnaround. Contact us today for customized quote!

Quick Turnaround!

Need a job completed quickly? Our quick turnaround time is guaranteed to get you what you need when you need it. In some instances, we can provide you what you need within the same day! If you have to be in court all day and have something due, let us prepare what you need. An attorney’s schedule can be incredibly hectic, and we are here to help.

Contact Us Today!

Our team of professional paralegals are comfortable working with attorneys, other paralegals, and even court personnel. We are happy to receive documents via email from clients, talk to clients on the phone, look through case files, or even translate legal documents (English/Spanish).

Need more proof of our work? Please click here to check out our Work Samples page!

Do not see what you are looking for here? Contact us for a customized proposal and quote!

If you are interested in our services, we can be contacted at (801) 855-6541 (call or text) or at If you have a project in mind that you would like us to work on, please click here to send us a project request and get a quote.