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We can help you research, analyze, and frame your legal positions


Paralegals can be leveraged by individuals and attorneys to minimize the cost of legal document drafting.


Altiorem provides work samples to showcase our top-quality legal writing and attention
to detail, and to provide a reference for clients. By evaluating our work samples, you will
know exactly what you are getting with our services.


Properly reviewing a case can provide opportunities for clients to accurately build and
plead their claims.


Altiorem is dedicated to raising the standard when it comes to legal writing.

A Paralegal with Your Interests in Mind

Navigating legal areas alone is a daunting task, but you do not have to do it alone.

Altiorem has gone above and beyond professional paralegal standards since the beginning. Trust us to guide you through the legal process.

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Why Choose Us?


Your legal writing project is safe with us. We will get the work done promptly and to the highest standard; you will receive a top-quality product with which we are confident you will be impressed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We believe that building legal leverage in a case can help you accurately establish your legal positions and attain a desirable outcome. Fortunately, our fees are not prohibitive; we can help you build legal leverage, through our legal writing, for an affordable price.

For your convenience, we offer multiple payment options and payment arrangements, as well as free consultations, to help you get the correct legal services for your needs.


Altiorem’s level of legal and factual analysis is first-class. Our attorney clients regularly commend us for the top-quality legal analysis and application of material facts contained in our work. Furthermore, we produce documents that are complete and final so that attorneys can file our work with no further revisions required.


To showcase our work and give you a chance to see our work product before hiring our services, we regularly post samples of our work. We post this content in furtherance of our commitment to producing top-quality legal writing for our clients. We work diligently to ensure that your documents are error-free and contain proper grammar, punctuation, flow, structure, conveyance of content, application of law, application of arguments, etc. We work hard and effectively to ensure that you have everything you
need to succeed.

Our Promise

Highest Level of Professional, Top-Quality Paralegal Work

If you hire us for legal research, you can trust us to produce the desired research in a
professional and timely manner. Depending on the project, the results of our research will
typically be presented to you via a memorandum, with all the sources properly cited and
the pertinent links provided. We work diligently to ensure that we provide our clients
with only the highest quality, on-point caselaw to effectively establish and defend their
legal positions.

Our professional legal writers come from diverse backgrounds in the legal profession,
and they all have substantial training and experience in legal research and writing. Our
legal writers are knowledgeable and skilled with the Bluebook format, so you can trust
that we will produce writing projects that look professional and are strictly compliant
with proper legal formatting. Please click here to see our writing samples.



With many years of experience, Altiorem consistently raises the bar for the quality of legal documents and legal services in general.


Personal Attention

Having a smaller team means that we can devote more personal attention to you, ensuring that you receive the time and treatment you deserve.


Skilled & Practical

Relying on our diverse paralegal portfolio means that you are getting the exact services you are looking for to achieve your legal needs.



Our work has been proven time and time again to be of top quality and exactly what attorneys and individuals need in their legal matters.


Phillip provided top-notch customer service. He was very easy to work with and came through for me with speedy service when I most needed him. I really appreciate Phillip!
Frederic Sorrieu
I cannot believe how great the writing is! I am a college English professor, and let me tell you, their work is flawless! They truly make good on their promise of perfect grammar, punctuation, structure, and flow. Their work was extremely compelling and persuasive! I strongly feel and believe that my case is safe in Altiorem’s hands.
The Superb quality and mind-blowing Services! The service I received was extremely professional and courteous. Phillip was very responsive and knowledgeable. He even responded after business hours! My documents were filed in and timely. I would definitely use this service again.
Alzari Joseph
Phillip is super kind and assures everything needed for my case gets done timely and effectively. I highly recommend Altiorem Legal Services to anyone.
Cheyenne Nabor
I can’t recommend Altiorem highly enough! They provide excellent services. Phillip is very intelligent and answered all my questions with ease. I know that I can count on Phillip and Altiorem!
Keith Adams
Phillip was amazing to work with! He was very quick and efficient and always kept a great line of communication with me through the whole process. I would recommend him and his team to anyone who is needing legal help!
Lane Sorensen