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These work samples are from actual cases that Altiorem Legal Services (hereinafter referred to as “Altiorem”) has worked on. All manner of personal information contained in these work sample documents has been redacted or altered to preserve the parties’ and the attorneys’ privacy. Furthermore, all attorney names, bar numbers, client names, case numbers, addresses, etc. contained in these work samples are fictitious. Moreover, even though Altiorem’s name may appear in these documents as a law office—which is done as an appeal to creativity—Altiorem is not a law firm; Altiorem’s staff are not attorneys, cannot act as attorneys, and do not act as attorneys; and Altiorem’s services and work samples are not a substitute for legal advice from an attorney. These work samples do not constitute legal advice in any form or any level, and they should not be misconstrued as such. Although these work samples are of excellent quality and completeness—as they are presented herein to illustrate the top quality of Altiorem’s work—whosoever shall choose to use these work samples as templates or a template for their legal matter(s), does so solely at their own risk and unequivocally and wholly releases Altiorem from any liability resulting from a failed or damaged case or, otherwise, from any negative effect caused to the case or to any party as a result of using Altiorem’s work samples as templates without correctly knowing how to do so. It is not recommended that pro se litigants (individuals representing themselves with no attorney) use these work samples in their case without first consulting Altiorem, a competent attorney, or any competent legal professional as to how to correctly do so. These work samples are the sole property of Altiorem, and no one may use them in any manner that would result in pecuniary gain without Altiorem’s prior express written consent and approval.

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